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Art is a mediator of the inexpressible. Therefore, it seems foolish to wish to convey the arts through words;
yet through our efforts to do so, we gain understanding, which in turn improves our performance capacity.

- Goethe, Maxims and Reflexions

Artistic research is an epistemic practice that – in search for deeper understanding and new knowledge – systematically integrates artistic exploration with academic reflection. The Doctoral School for Artistic Research KWDS at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) supports pioneering research of this kind. The KUG was the first institution to offer such a doctoral programme in the German-speaking world: the Dr. artium programme. It currently has 20 doctoral students who are each supervised and advised by a group of four carefully selected internationally distinguished artists, thinkers, and scholars.

The Dr. artium programme offers a great opportunity for excellent artists in the fields of historical or contemporary music, theatre and experimental interdisciplinary art, who seek to attain and share new knowledge and refined understanding, intensify art’s epistemic and ethical powers, and widen the human horizon.

Dr. artium Programme

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