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The Dr. artium-program at the Artistic Doctoral School

Art is a mediator of the inexpressible. Therefore, it seems foolish to wish to convey the arts through words;
yet through our efforts to do so, we gain understanding, which in turn improves our performance capacity.

- Goethe, Maxims and Reflexions

Our doctoral program in music or theatre addresses and supports the internationally most talented artistic young academics. A current international artistic practice (music, theatre or intermedia) and a Master’s degree (or a similar degree) are requirements for the application as well as an outstandingly designed and argued artistic research project, which is very promising to find substantial revelations or expansions of the knowledge and the understanding of and the artistic practice itself. Essential for the qualification is a demanding practice in artistic research in which the dynamics between artistic exploration and academic reflexion are central.

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Mag.a Marlene Schnepfleitner (Consultant)

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