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Artistic Research within the Dr. artium Programme

The term Artistic Research subsumes a range of artistic practices driven by a systematic epistemic interest. Within the Dr.artium degree programme such activity always involves an intertwined, systematic combination of artistic experimentation and scholarly/scientific reflection and methods, combining, for example, improvisation with philosophical aesthetics; or interpretation with historical musicology, organology, performance studies, or acoustics; or composition with robotics and AI, cognitive sciences, or media studies. This combination is the particular strength of our local understanding of Artistic Research. It goes beyond Practice as Research – and hence beyond a Practice-based PhD – in intertwining the latter with Arts Based Research in the form of Applied Phenomenology, Applied Musicology, Practical or Empirical Aesthetics, Performance Research, Sociology and other academic research approaches. Artistic Research as done at the Doctoral School of Artistic Research (KWDS) thus combines research for art, research about art, and research through art. In this way it can lead to discoveries and a deepening and extension of our intersubjective understanding, knowledge, and skills that may otherwise be unattainable. Outcomes of excellent artistic research at the doctoral level within the Dr.artium Programme fulfil the ambition of being important original contributions with relevance to both, artistic practice and scholarship.

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