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Guidelines for Applying to the Artistic Doctorate-Program

The application-deadline for the Artistic Doctorate-Program starting WS 2019/ SS 2020 is February 28 2019.
Late applications will not be considered.


1. You possess:

2. You are aware of the time investment associated with becoming a doctoral candidate. According to the curriculum, completing an Artistic Doctorate the KWDS requires fulfilling the following academic requirements:

In summary, the Artistic Doctorate programme requires not only practical, academic, and written work, as well as documentation, in the framework of your project; it also requires sufficient periods of residency in Graz to enable productive contact with 2 supervisors and 2 advisors.


1. Please verify that your research proposal meets the criteria for artistic research projects, i.e. the "research ideal," set out by the KWDS:

The research ideal of the KWDS requires of you a research project in your relevant field of interest that fulfills the highest artistic criteria while concurrently fostering scientific reflection. A Dr.artium project thus builds upon the interaction between artistic practice and scientific inquiry, both of these being equally important aspects for knowledge acquisition. Therefore, we cannot accept applications for PhD projects that lack a practical artistic dimension or for purely academic projects.

2. Read the FAQs.

Here you will find answers to questions such as the difference between a traditional Dr.phil/PhD study programme and the Dr.artium, about the composition of the doctoral committee, details regarding the oral entrance exam, as well as answers about scholarships and financial assistance for travel.

3. Formulate a convincing research exposé.

Your exposé must clearly demonstrate your research proposal and how closely it aligns with the research ideal of the KWDS (please see 2.) The exposé should cover the state of research in your field, as well as your proposed research methods and their suitability within the context of your timeframe and financial plan.

4. Find artistic and academic supervisors at the KUG who work in your field of interest and who are willing to support your project.

You will need a member of the teaching faculty of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz or from the Zurich University of the Arts, who can supervise your project from the artistic perspective, as well as an faculty member who can act as academic supervisor. Potential supervisors should possess professorship or a habilitation (Lehrbefugnis) in the chosen field (the links lead to potential supervisors at the University of Music and Performing Arts). Please send your potential supervisors your exposé in time and request a confirmation of supervision. Applications without the required two confirmations of supervision will not be accepted!

5. Please send the following supporting documents in A SINGLE PDF FILE by e-mail to

  1. Completed and signed application form;
  2. Your research exposé in German or English;
  3. Your artistic curriculum vitae, with relevant details pertaining to previous academic work;
  4. Documentation proving the conferral of all previously earned academic degrees in a relevant field (Master's or diploma degree(s), as well Bachelor's degree(s)), accompanied by authenticated German translation where necessary; please check here if you need a certification for your documents;
  5. Confirmation of supervision from the artistic supervisor (may also be sent separately by the supervisor to;
  6. Confirmation of supervision from the academic supervisor (may also be sent separately by the supervisor to;

  7. Optional further supporting documents:
  8. The KWDS finds and contacts potential external advisors confidentially to avoid bias - so please do not make any contact yourself with potential external advisors. While the KWDS gladly accepts suggestions for potential external artistic or academic advisors, these are in no way binding.
  9. If your first language is not English or German, documents proving sufficient fluency in English and/or German.

The maximum e-mail size (including all attachments) is 19MB. If your e-mail exceeds this limit, please send us your supporting documents through a file transfer service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and clearly indicate the service you are using, as well as specific download instructions.

6. Your exposé will be reviewed by a doctoral committee.

For further administrative questions please consult Ms. Mag.a Marlene Schnepfleitner

Further Downloads

Please click on the links for further information and relevant forms.

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