Artistic Interpretation in a Multidisciplinary Setting – Scriabin’s Five Late Piano Sonatas

Elina Akselrud, Piano

Internal Supervisors and External Advisors

Markus Schirmer and Deniz Peters (University of Music and Performing Arts Graz).


This project aims to realize Scriabin’s meta-artistic vision of emotively expressing “creative activity” via producing a multidisciplinary performance of Scriabin’s Five Late Sonatas. The performance will integrate contemporary media, and I will collaborate with artists from different genres. The elements of this research-performance may include but are not limited to sound, color (projection, video effects), movement, sensation, scent, space. To construct the script, research will be conducted on crossover intermodal perception, multi-modal relations, the study of Scriabin’s other oeuvres, and the relation between mental states and sense perception. Experiments as controlled performances will be conducted accordingly. I propose to integrate a discovery oriented research method: a cyclic oscillation between interpretive work at the piano and collective inter-medial exploration, which would result in further interpretational pianistic work. The idea is to connect intermodal interpersonal interpretation with solo interpretation as a dialogue, enriching the latter and looking for a more plastic, emotionally nuanced, modally expanded solo piano interpretation.


An American classical pianist and fine art photographer of Ukrainian origin Elina Akselrud is the founder and artistic director of a multidisciplinary organization Intertwining Arts, as well as the lead artist of all its crossover projects. Elina made her orchestra debut at the age of eight, studying at Kyiv Special Music School with Irina Lipatova and Irina Barinova. She is a prize winner of international piano competitions, such as Chopin on Thousand Islands (USA, 2010, 1st Prize), Chopin in Hartford (USA, 2012 1st Prize), Midwest (USA, 2014, 2nd Prize), Chopin in Canberra (Australia, 2014, 3rd Prize), and others. Elina has performed in Ukraine, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Georgia, Slovenia, Australia, Portugal, and the United States. She appeared with orchestras, such as the Ukrainian National Orchestra, the Kaufman Center Orchestra, NEC Symphony, and Lucerne Symphony, among others.


  • Bachelor of Music Degree/honors’12, Piano Performance (Mannes School of Music, New York City, USA; with Irina Morozova)
  • Master of Music Degree/honors’14, Piano Performance (New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, USA; with Alexander Korsantia)
  • Master of Music Major Solo Performance’18 (Hochschule Luzern – Musik, Lucerne, Switzerland; with Konstantin Lifschitz)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate, Piano Performance’18 (Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Florence, Italy; with Eliso Virsaladze)
  • Dr.Artium, Piano/Multidisciplinary Performance/Research, in progress (Kunstuniversität Graz, Austria; supervised by Deniz Peters and Markus Schirmer)

Elina Akselrud’s current activity consists of performing as a solo and chamber musician. Since 2016 she has been concentrating on expanding the concept of a piano solo recital by collaborating with artists from other genres and simultaneously blending music with theater, photography/video projection, live painting projection, dance, lighting art, and 3D projection on stage. Each project is an artistic research embodying either a historical, philosophical, or a sociological message. Elina and her Intertwining Arts Team created and premiered “Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian Years” (2016-2018), “Scriabin Sonatas Reimagined, Part 1” (2018-2019), “Transience: Painting after Scriabin and Vine” (2019-2020), and “Messiaen. A Birdsoul” (2020-present) with performances in France, Switzerland, Germany, and The Netherlands, including releasing cinematic versions of these works. Elina Akselrud also actively performs themed chamber projects (including premieres of commissioned works: by Andrii Didorenko (Trio No.2), Stanislav Fridman (“Spiral of Souls”), Antonio Fortunato (“Fantastic Piece”), and other modern composers.) Examples of such projects are the chamber version of the Chopin Piano Concerti Nos.1 and 2 with a string quintet (2010), “Künstlerliebe”, with Judith Duerr, soprano (2018), “NostalG” with Eugene Lifschitz, cello (2019), and “Salutations de Paris” with Quatuor Élysée (2020).

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Photocredits: Marc Serhan